06 December 2012

NANA, PIPAH and Telipok

I miss my frens badly!
Best dedicate to NANAN + PIPAH
Seems almost a decade not laughing-laughing together.
Seems i grown up my maturity without lawak bodoh lately.
Being to ladies but not so-so.
Still can laughing even just read old school comment in FB.
Yes, im totally miss them.
Even sms, fb and wasap not work effectively for this time.
Ayak, how?
Maybe rindu tinggal rindu.
Our life full of comitment right now, Nanan with her cute tummy because the cute baby inside. Pipah, with her life. I have no idea bout her.

and i, with my telipok life. ayakkkkkkk,

frens, to be honest never a day i forget our memories. just i have PR problems. ayoooooo.

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