09 December 2012

Ordinary Sunday

I wake up in the morning, got surprise with my osemate "orang da balik!!!" And yes its u! Surprise me, bangun sbb bunyi kat dapur rupenye osemate balik awal. Her tarian malaysia, is bad! Her claimed. Sigh. Best event, bad management, her opismate summarized it! Okey. But then his gave me nasi lemak. Syukur, btol pesan org tua, bgn pg, rezeki tu ada. Totally true!!! Event ayam pun tau cari rezeki early in the morning. Then i got my free bekpes ( thanks osemate) brupppppp kenyang. But i try eating to slowly, kate org rezeki mmg depan mata tapi gelojoh tu mintak di jauhkan yer.

So sunday, mulut mengomel just keep saying, busan la! Haippp pity me, its not about boring its just because i dunno what to do. Then i tgk you tube drama bimbi and bonnie. About muke cantik tp not so clever. Paham-paham. And yea, i peminat drama melayu. So layan je. Abes drama, i mula nak ckp, b_san, but i motivate myself first! Be rajen. Everythig is fun! Yes, i do it. Kemas bilik, basuh baju, lipat kain, and skang landing bace buku.

Oh ya this is ordinary sunday but it doesnt mean that b_san! Hahaa

Ok frens lets fullest ur sunday, dont expect for extra ordinary sunday, just hope it gonna be ur ordinary sunday. Rajen dan rehat. Its will be work for saving ur energy for fighting monday blues! Be heppi!

The rajen + rehat day | Ahad | nina mazuin

Heppi yah!

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